My Vision

I think that the target of our generation is find the gene or the mechanism that cause the age progress and stop or reverse it ( see for example the research of University of Berkeley about the Sirt3 ), to extend our life forever. I'm a musician and I can only play my synth. But all the Presidents of the nations of the World can and must do more assigning resources to this kind of research to find the meds that can reverse aging-associated degeneration. This is not against the religions, because I think that if God exist and have give us life, I imagine he want we take care of it.


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Music Composer and Alternative Thinking

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My Music

I compose instrumental music, I have named all my songs "soundtrack" with a progressive number. The following is my music in mp3 format, every year I add further songs.

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My name is Mauro Fogli and I am a music composer, instrumental, dark, alternative. I am a very simple person, sometimes also complicated, but when I create my music, simply I play live while my computers record, after I put online here. I use mainly the synths's sounds, ensamble of pads, brass, strings and I use also a lot piano sounds.

Questions and Answers

I was born on April 18, 1967, I live in my parent's house. I work as accountant with my Father. This is My Photo taken in november, 2014. I have start play music in year '80. during these first years I have play music discontinuosly the bass guitar in a Band of Friends, but I prefere the synths and the fantastic sound I can create with that instruments, so starting year 2000 I have begin made new composition happy to can have an exposure using internet.

Do you play live?
I play my synth while my computer record, after I put on line here. Sometimes I add a second track to the same songs and I reverse the tracks to obtein strange sounds (also Beethoven used to play reversed songs).

How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I consider usefull internet and mp3 for store my soul, my music, in a space where maybe will rest forever.

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I dont know, it depends from the contract.

Would you like to work for a major artist as creative ?
Yes, I am not able to repeat my music once created.

What you read ?
Actually I dont read many book, but in the past I have read many books, science-fiction like Asimov and Kubrick; I like complicated things; for example I have read a book called "q.e.d." with 3 lessons of electrodynamic quantistic by professor Feynman, and also Einstein and his theories. I have read many books about medicine, expecially about the age progress, I have read a lot also about programming languages, html, java, basic, I have also programm a webchat in bourne shell unix, than I have read many newspaper of music instruments and the books at school of course, this is a photo of my Friends of School taken in a reunion in 2014, but since year 2000 my main interest is my music, and my vision.

Political view?
For my vision, I like the politics of U.S.A. and in particular the person of Barack Obama, I belive in a man that say "Yes We Can". U.S.A. is the most advanced country in this kind of research. I hope the next president will be Hillary Clinton and I hope she will support my vision too.

I have travel a bit, Paris, Hammameth, Jerba, Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, I have visit Germany and Belgium. the longest travel I have do was in Sao Paulo and south Brasil for five weeks, I was also in Bangkok and Bali.

I watch mutch TVNews, some film of science fiction and adventure, I like a lot animation, fantasy and cartoon.


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Have a good experience with my music, and let me know what you think about it

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