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My name is Mauro Fogli, I was born 18 April 1967, I am a graduate in accounting, I am a editor of web internet sites and start-up of the same, I use free template that I found in internet and then I modify according to customer's request. My strong point is its low price and simplicity of those sites that are well suited to the needs of small businesses and individuals that do not want to spend an exaggeration but they want use all the opportunity that the Internet market offers and decide to have a presence on the Internet

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Web Site and Editing Services

Web Site

Have a Web Site is the first step to be present on the internet. A site can be complicated with special effects or simple and immediate. From experience I know that a site simple and effective also allows better viewing and compatibility with the search engines, cause in all cases, the visitors of your site will be more interested in the products and / or services of your company instead of a complicated graphics.

Some Example

Some edited website of maurofogli.com

Modern Style:

Other artistic websites


Once realized, the site and registered in the major search engines, the site may need to be updated with new products and / or services that may you want to offer. A site like this one that you're browsing can be updated with new photos, products, information, prices. In the case of a personal website cannot be necessary. Instead, for a company that wants to sell their products via the internet this kind of support becomes necessary. the price of this assistance varies depending on the type of requested action.

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