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Welcome to my website. My name is Mauro Fogli, I was born 18 April 1967, I am a graduate in accounting, my main interest is my Music and my alternative vision of life. In the right side of this page you will find further information about me and my music and interests

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I was born on April 18, 1967, this is My Photo. I have start play music in year '80. during these first years I have play music discontinuosly the bass guitar in a Band of Friends, but I prefere play the synths, and since when internet and mp3 become available I have begin made new composition that you will find in this site. Generally I play my synth while my computer record, after I put on line here. Sometimes I add a second track to the same songs or I reverse the tracks to obtein special effects. I would like to work for a major artist as creative, I generally listen all kind of music on MTV, and I buy a lot of CDs, I have a maniacally impulse to shop CDs :) I like read about nuclear phisic, complicated things; for example I have read a book called "q.e.d." with 3 lessons of quantistic electro dynamic, by Professor Feynman, and others works of Einstein, Planck, Hawking, Weinberg and so on. For this I have open a little Blog (not serious :) then I have read many books about medicine, expecially about the age progress, I have read a lot also about programming languages, Html, Java, Basic, Bourne Shell with which I have realized some webchat script. I like read also science-fiction like Asimov, Kubrick and others, than I read many newspaper, and I dont forget the books of school of course, this is a photo of my Friends of School taken in a reunion in 2016. My political view, for My Vision is support the politics of U.S.A. that is the most advanced country in this kind of research. I hope Trump will be a visionaire President. I have travel a bit, Paris. Hammameth, Jerba, Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, I have visit Germany and Belgium. the longest travel I have do was in Sao Paulo and south Brasil for five weeks, I was also in Bangkok and Bali. I watch mutch news on tgcom24.it, some film of science fiction and adventure, I like a lot animation, fantasy and cartoon. I buy also alot of comics, I like shopping :) In summer 2000 I have buy and start compose the songs you will find in this site with a Yamaha CS1X and two computers to use as audio and midi sequencer. Starting Soundtrack n. 52 I have use a Yamaha MO8 buyed in summer 2007, and in november 2012 I have buy a Roland Juno Di and I compose also with that synth starting Soundtrack n. 190. My mood is quiet, I like quiet life, and I sleep a lot :) Have a good day and I hope you will appreciate my music.